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I decided to post both church apps we are using here in case you have missed them. If you need any help setting them up, please call or email the office for the church. Thanks and we hope these are helpful! - Pastor Matt Instant Church Directory Instant Church Directory on Itunes Instant Church Directory on Google Givelify Givelify on Itunes Givelify on Google

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It is well over-due for an update here at Please be patient with us as we get the work underway.



The first time that I ever did any regular, serious running was in college. I can't really say that I was all that serious about it. I had to take two health classes for my degree. So, I took running class. Three times a week, we met as a class and headed out onto the streets of Salem, running in clumps all over the place. It wasn't terribly hard unless our professor decided to run with you. He was fast. Most of the time he didn't bother


7 years

It's hard to believe, but this Friday will mark my 7th anniversary with the church. To mark the occasion, I'd like to offer up some thoughts in no particular order. I'll be honest, I didn't think it would last so long and be so good. My experiences with churches in the past were checkered: good and bad. Before I came to Rocky Mount, I was seriously kicking myself for not going to law school instead of seminary. In many ways, coming to Rocky Mount was the first

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A Realization

Trying to teach my nine year old girl to floss must be what God watches for a laugh. God tunes in every night at 9 PM.

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