I try hard not to complain. However, I will complain a bit today. In advance, thanks for listening.

I am a little (okay, a lot) tired of writing … writing newsletter articles, sermons, prayers, children’s sermons, journals, and so on. I actually like writing. So, I am not sure why I am rebelling against it at the moment. I suppose I am rebelling because I feel like I have to write these things.

I like to write when I feel like it. However, the “relentless return of the Sabbath” , as one of my professors called it, can beat even the best preacher up (I’m certainly not the best). I tend to measure my life in 7’s. Ask me what day it is and I can tell you based on how many days away from the next Sunday we are. Ask me what day the last Sunday of October is and there is a good chance I can tell you (the 30th).

I suppose that one of the frustrating things about ministry and probably any job is how little time I get to truly reflect on my own faith. When I went to seminary part of my desire to be a minister was that I could grow in my own faith and relationship with God. That has happened, just not as much as I had hoped. When I get to the office, my first act is often not prayer … it is getting those pesky emails out of the way.

Now I realize that much of this is my fault. I need to be the one to take time away from the emails, writing, and meetings to develop my relationship with God. I just pray that I will get better at this.