It feels like it has been forever. However, I finally have the church web site up and working. It needs a good bit of work. I also have the journal up now.

I’ve missed my journal to write in over the last two months. To a degree, I was okay with that. I have come to realize that preaching or writing are acts of ego. I preach and write in a journal under the assumption that someone wants to hear what I have to say. I suppose someone does because they keep coming back each Sunday.

Anyway, I’m rambling. The thing I have missed the most about having a journal to write in is something that may seem a bit odd. I have an aunt who has told me that my writing style reminds her of how my granddad wrote. I went and read some things he wrote and I think I can see what she is saying. So, through writing, I find this special connection with a man who is dead but has left a lasting impression on me.

So, here goes the journal. The standard warning applies: grammar and syntax are of little concern to me here. English majors be warned.