Understanding the Bible, Faith, and Religion

Like most religious texts, the Bible is an ancient collection of writings which are often hard to understand and apply to our lives. Use this portion of the site to study on your own.

If you have questions or thoughts about faith or Christianity, feel free to contact Pastor Matt by phone (540-483-9463) or stopping by the office.


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Biblical Art Biblical Art from Textweek.com

Biblical Art on the WWW More Biblical Art arranged by scripture, subject, artist, and word

Orthodox Icons and Frescoes

Biblical Studies

Biblehub.com A good Bible study resource

WorkingPreacher.org Commentary and resources for the weekly lectionary

Synopsis of the Gospels A side by side view of the gospels

Catholic Encyclopedia

Textweek.com A good resource for studying the weekly lectionary

NT Papyri Look at the most ancient copies of the New Testament

ATLA Serials American Theological Library Association (online collection of journals) *Login required

Biblical Languages

Textkit Go here if you are just dying to learn Ancient Greek and Latin

Online Greek Grammar Learning Tools & Study Aids Learn Biblical Greek


The Voice Biblical and Theological Resources

Christian Classics Ethereal Library Read what the early church leaders wrote

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics Theology from a Calvinist viewpoint

Spiritual Growth

Revised Common Lectionary

Spirituality & Practice: Resources for Spiritual Journeys A set of resources for the spiritual life and becoming more spiritual (includes resources from other religions and practices)

Congregational Development and Leadership

Congregational Resource Guide Resources for Congregations

Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Statistics and information about religion in America

Center for Parish Development Resources for church leadership and development

The Alban Institute Institute for developing church leaders

The National Association of Church Business Administration Church administration group and resources

Good study bible: The New Interpreters Study Bible (NRSV)
Good bible for spiritual practices: The Message (translated by Eugene Peterson)