So much can happen in so little time. In a span of a few weeks my wife had a baby, I painted my porch, put together a baby crib, and buried a lovely lady. It has been an emotional roller coaster that has taken us through the dips of sadness and the peaks of joy. We celebrate for a while, get sad for a while, and then we are left feeling a bit insane (and tired!).

As awful as it is, that is just the rhythm of life … loss and gain, grief and joy, mourning and dancing. I suppose the writer of Ecclesiastes noticed this a long time ago. Our ancestors and their ancestors noticed it as well. No matter how much we know these things will come our way, I am not sure we are ever really prepared for them.

I know I’m not prepared for it because every day I come to my office, I look for Ann. She quickly became my work pal. She kept me company and she kept me in line. I can’t imagine the grief that her family, friends, and band people feel.

But, the rhythm of life goes on. We just find a new way to live our lives without a person we care so much about. Often, someone like Cadyn comes along and makes the pain a little more tolerable.

I’m thankful for the joys of life that help me to cope with all of the sorrow.