It seems that I am always trying to figure out where time has gone. I am not sure how my daughter is 6 months old. Time does seem to fly by. Our kids, the house, and work keep us so busy that most days are filled with things to do.

I wish I had a way to slow time down … to get more minutes in my day. I would love to have one extra hour every day with my family.

I get to do a blessing for the baby of Paul Stutzman next Sunday at Boones Mill Christian Church. First, I am thankful that Rocky Mount has allowed me to participate and take a Sunday away from them (maybe they couldn’t wait for me to go!) Second, it is an honor to bless the life of one of God’s children. Joshua is a really great baby boy who is quickly turning into a toddler.

All in all, I am thankful each day. I have a job that is full of blessings, a wonderful family, and good health. So, my time may be flying by. However, at least the flight is good!