Last week I came home with groceries. I leaned on the porch column and it fell over. So, I suppose that explains what I’ve been doing with my free time here recently.

On to happier news. It’s vacation time. This is the first vacation we’ve had in 4 years in which we can actually go somewhere.

I was telling my guitar teacher I’d be gone that week and to cancel my lesson. Oddly enough he will be on vacation at the same time and place. It goes without saying, but I’m really excited about vacation. I’m sure Macey will have fun.

Last week I went to the District 4 men’s meeting with Clark and Gerene at Cool Springs Christian Church. I figured I should at least wear a tie to this event. I knew Clark would be wearing a tie. So, I decided to wear one for him.

When I arrived at the church, sure enough, I was the only person wearing a tie. I told Clark I was disappointed in him for not wearing a tie … after all, I wore my tie just for him. Turns out that Clark decided to not wear a tie just for me. I had to laugh.

All in all, it has been a good week. I hope the same first you.